Penn House partners with Sun Cedar and Douglas Country Reentry to increase its support of the community- A chance to work

Lawrence, KS – Penn House launches a new partnership with local social entrepreneurship organization Sun Cedar and the Douglas County Reentry program.

This new partnership with Sun Cedar and Reentry focuses directly on producing jobs, training, and counseling. While still serving the community via Emergency Services Council, Senior Commodities, Warm Hearts, and the resource referral services Penn House has historically provided, upcoming additions in programming will include life-building services such as:

  • Sun Cedar Employment Program
  • Resume Building
  • Hosting group therapeutic activities
  • Facilitating tutoring sessions
  • Thinking 4 a Change and “MRT” (Moral Reconation Therapy) classes
  • Hosting “CCCR” meetings (Community Collaboration Council on Reentry)
  • Facilitating relationships with associated support networks such as Bert Nash, Catholic Charities, 12 step resources, and more
  • Advising and assisting in the process of attaining housing security
  • Training in building professional demeanor and dressing for the job via second-hand surplus
  • Education Fund- Providing educational or licensing fees to assist low-income individuals
  • Case Management Services- (In cooperation with AmeriCorps) Focusing on jobs and secure housing

New Executive Director of the Ballard Community Services at Ballard Center/Penn House, Christie Dobson, is making strong moves in Lawrence’s social services scene by aligning Penn House with notable successes in reintegration. In a recent meeting with Shine Adams, CEO of Sun Cedar, and Mike Brouwer, Director of Reentry, Dobson noted: “Lawrence leads the way in community support for the Midwest. This new partnership builds layered services, where each supports the next.”

It is time to put a finer point on what Penn House has to offer the community. Penn House has always been an asset to Lawrence, but the additional services will provide the opportunity for like-minded organizations to share resources and collaborate under one roof, which will ultimately provide the greatest benefit to clients. With some very basic renovation, and the fresh perspectives that Sun Cedar and Reentry bring, Penn House can be an example of the community-centered merging of a results-based social enterprise with traditional social services.


For photographs, please click here, or visit our press page here.

A Community Fundraiser to support this new coalition is underway, with a GoFundMe to launch on April 15th Donations can be made at ballardcenter.org, or mail a check to:

Sun Cedar at Penn House

414 Minnesota St. Lawrence, KS 66044


A Partnership to Smile About...

A Partnership to Smile About...

A STRONG FOCUS ON COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS http://www.sun-cedar.com/blog/2016/3/28/a-strong-focus-on-community-solutions

4th Quarter Update- Kickstarter Notes

For those of you curious about what we've been up to over the last few months, here you go:

The Kickstarter reward fulfillment process is almost done. (We are close to fulfilling nearly 1,000 orders!) Only those who have not responded to our follow up survey are missing. We hope to hear from those of you who have not received your rewards yet soon. We have plenty of product laid aside for you!

If you have any questions regarding the status of your reward, drop us a line! We thank you for your patience as we work diligently to get your rewards to you as soon as possible. Thank you again! None of this would have been possible without you!

Manufacturing benchmarks:

We moved our shop to a brighter, bigger location, with better, safer tools. Giving ourselves and our employees some much-needed elbow room, with a particular emphasis on maximizing employee safety.

Sun Cedar has fulfilled more than 700 orders since the Kickstarter success, and we are well on our way to the 1,000 mark.

We've even added a new product! Our hand made, cedar clothes hangers are the best on the market. Lovingly made and practically unbreakable, your most treasured clothing items will last the longest and smell the freshest on a Sun Cedar hanger.

We've geared up for the holiday season with a surplus of more than 2,000 trees and continue making more every day, including a new tree profile to be unveiled in advance of our big holiday push! We know many of you are planning to give our socially equitable Sun Cedar products as gifts this year to loved ones and co-workers. We're ready to make your holiday shopping easy and fulfilling.

Employee Achievements:

During 2015, we have been able to employ people for a whopping total of nearly 2,000 hours.  This has had a huge impact on our employees’ lives.

We've assisted in housing 75 percent of all of the folks hired since Sun Cedar started business in 2014. Including one veteran and two mothers.

 50 percent of our employees have been successfully placed in new jobs at other businesses.

Our star employee has worked enough to have paid off all of his outstanding fines, complete probation and has been accepted into a local university.

Administration wins:

As a result of our successful campaign, Sun Cedar has made some great strides organizationally- We are proud to welcome three outstanding new voices to our organization::

 - Former State Senator and philanthropist, Wint Winter, is the owner of a local small business called Banking Unusual. Wint has years of experience working on making our world a better place, and defying the status-quo in his approach to local politics and organizational management.

 -Radio personality and director of marketing for People’s Bank, Warner Lewis, is a great supporter of the arts and a valuable voice in our board meetings as Sun Cedar grows.

 -Executive Director of the Small Business Development Center at the University of Kansas, Will Katz, has been an asset from the inception of Sun Cedar. Will helped Shine write our business plan and visualize outcomes which keep Sun Cedar small, streamlined and simple, while allowing us to grow and expand into the market as a well organized entity.

We have retained a business accountant and entered into a fiscal sponsorship with the local 501(c)3 organization, 'Percolator,' while we continue to pursue our own federal status. This means we can now accept donations that provide all continuing and future donors with an EIN number for tax deductible write offs.  This is great news for us and you!

 Our upcoming goals for the next months and beyond:

Epilog Zing - $8.5 k. Zia is looking at getting this prototyping laser/engraver for a 30% discount – -Our Kickstarter stretch goal of acquiring a laser engraver which will open up the huge niche of corporate gifts and boutique logos.

A new space - Sun Cedar wants to be able to expand into a better, more comfortable space,  allowing administrative offices/shipping area to be in the same facility as the shop, along with a break/training room. This area would allow us to provide various wrap around services to further assist our employees.

Operating Capital - We need to expand our administrative staff. Right now, Shine is still volunteering his time. Every person involved in the administration of Sun Cedar is...

With a better budget to work with, Shine can add a Sales Rep, full time Assistant and Webmaster to our staff. These crucial positions will allow for Sun Cedars' growth via wholesale accounts and freeing Shine to run the shop, expand our product line and focus on media.

Thank you, from all of us here at Sun Cedar.

4th Quarter Update- Kickstarter Notes http://www.sun-cedar.com/blog/2015/11/30/4th-quarter-update-kickstarter-notes


Hello everybody,

The Sun Cedar 'soft launch' is doing swimmingly! 806 Facebook 'likes' in only 3 days!

A few old friends from the past have reached out, finding my personal profile as a result of the great buzz we are enjoying. It's been really wonderful to see what old friends are up to these days, and quite a few of you have placed orders too.  Thank you all for sharing and liking our page. The response has been terrific!

If you haven't 'liked' our page yet, link to our Facebook page here!

We've decided to split blogging time between here and Facebook, the challenge being avoiding redundancies between the two. We talked a lot about solutions, and came up with the Idea to give Zia her very own blog here. She would like to do something out of the ordinary. We are imagining a page where she can share links, photos, essays, poems, doodles, or really anything... This site is hosted by Squarespace, (which is awesome, by the way,) so we will soon have it figured out. If anybody out there has ideas for other places for us to get our concept out there, please contact us here. So far, we are planning an Instagram page, should we Tweet too?

All of this social media takes time, and has presented me with quite a learning curve as well, so anybody out there who wants to help get the word out is welcome to get in touch. We need help with this stuff, so I have time to work in the shop too!

Thanks again for all of the support, guys.







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Ladies and Gentlemen; We are Launching!!!

After much care and many late nights spent planning, throwing away those plans, and starting over, Sun Cedar is finally ready to begin it's digital life here, on the internet.

Now it's time to start a Facebook page, Youtube channel, and test our skills at linking to others... Any ideas on other companies we should be checking out?

Click here to send us an email. Your input is welcome, and I'll give you a shout-out on this blog!

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I will be posting some social media stuff here-

Until then...



Ladies and Gentlemen; We are Launching!!! http://www.sun-cedar.com/blog/2014/10/13/ladies-and-gentlemen-we-are-launching