Hello everybody,

The Sun Cedar 'soft launch' is doing swimmingly! 806 Facebook 'likes' in only 3 days!

A few old friends from the past have reached out, finding my personal profile as a result of the great buzz we are enjoying. It's been really wonderful to see what old friends are up to these days, and quite a few of you have placed orders too.  Thank you all for sharing and liking our page. The response has been terrific!

If you haven't 'liked' our page yet, link to our Facebook page here!

We've decided to split blogging time between here and Facebook, the challenge being avoiding redundancies between the two. We talked a lot about solutions, and came up with the Idea to give Zia her very own blog here. She would like to do something out of the ordinary. We are imagining a page where she can share links, photos, essays, poems, doodles, or really anything... This site is hosted by Squarespace, (which is awesome, by the way,) so we will soon have it figured out. If anybody out there has ideas for other places for us to get our concept out there, please contact us here. So far, we are planning an Instagram page, should we Tweet too?

All of this social media takes time, and has presented me with quite a learning curve as well, so anybody out there who wants to help get the word out is welcome to get in touch. We need help with this stuff, so I have time to work in the shop too!

Thanks again for all of the support, guys.







'Facebooking' http://www.sun-cedar.com/blog/2014/10/18/facebooking