Penn House partners with Sun Cedar and Douglas Country Reentry to increase its support of the community- A chance to work

Lawrence, KS – Penn House launches a new partnership with local social entrepreneurship organization Sun Cedar and the Douglas County Reentry program.

This new partnership with Sun Cedar and Reentry focuses directly on producing jobs, training, and counseling. While still serving the community via Emergency Services Council, Senior Commodities, Warm Hearts, and the resource referral services Penn House has historically provided, upcoming additions in programming will include life-building services such as:

  • Sun Cedar Employment Program
  • Resume Building
  • Hosting group therapeutic activities
  • Facilitating tutoring sessions
  • Thinking 4 a Change and “MRT” (Moral Reconation Therapy) classes
  • Hosting “CCCR” meetings (Community Collaboration Council on Reentry)
  • Facilitating relationships with associated support networks such as Bert Nash, Catholic Charities, 12 step resources, and more
  • Advising and assisting in the process of attaining housing security
  • Training in building professional demeanor and dressing for the job via second-hand surplus
  • Education Fund- Providing educational or licensing fees to assist low-income individuals
  • Case Management Services- (In cooperation with AmeriCorps) Focusing on jobs and secure housing

New Executive Director of the Ballard Community Services at Ballard Center/Penn House, Christie Dobson, is making strong moves in Lawrence’s social services scene by aligning Penn House with notable successes in reintegration. In a recent meeting with Shine Adams, CEO of Sun Cedar, and Mike Brouwer, Director of Reentry, Dobson noted: “Lawrence leads the way in community support for the Midwest. This new partnership builds layered services, where each supports the next.”

It is time to put a finer point on what Penn House has to offer the community. Penn House has always been an asset to Lawrence, but the additional services will provide the opportunity for like-minded organizations to share resources and collaborate under one roof, which will ultimately provide the greatest benefit to clients. With some very basic renovation, and the fresh perspectives that Sun Cedar and Reentry bring, Penn House can be an example of the community-centered merging of a results-based social enterprise with traditional social services.


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A Community Fundraiser to support this new coalition is underway, with a GoFundMe to launch on April 15th Donations can be made at ballardcenter.org, or mail a check to:

Sun Cedar at Penn House

414 Minnesota St. Lawrence, KS 66044


A Partnership to Smile About...

A Partnership to Smile About...

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